Poll: Can Congress go lower? Yes!

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The U.S. Capitol is pictured. | Reuters

Congressional approval is at just 9 percent, even lower than during the shutdown. | Rueters

Congress’ approval rating has sunk to another all-time low, according to a new poll released Tuesday.

The Gallup poll shows Congressional approval at just 9 percent, down from 11 percent during the government shutdown in October. This represents the lowest rating since Gallup first began asking the question 39 years ago.

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The previous all-time low for Congress was 10 percent, recorded in 2012.

The poll shows a rare instance of bipartisan consensus among the two political parties; Republicans give Congress a 9 percent approval rating, compared to 10 percent among Democrats. Only 8 percent of independents approve of Congress’ job performance in the new poll.

The survey of 1,039 adults was conducted between Nov. 7 and Nov. 10 and has a margin of error ofplus-or-minus 4 percentage points.

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